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Microsoft identifies latest malware offenders, Kuwait and Algeria

Microsoft has filed a civil suit to try to stop the spread of malware it has traced back to two main countries—Kuwait and Algeria. The company hopes this will be the most successful effort made by a non-governmental organization to combat cybercrime by attempting to stop key communication between the hackers and the PCs they are trying to infect.

Participants, including marketer OWASP, back out of RSA conference

Speakers and organizations have begun to back out of next month’s annual RSA security conference amid reports of RSA’s shady new deal with the NSA.

Chinese cybercriminal pleads guilty to $100 million worth of software piracy

In an undercover sting operation, U.S. agents arrested Chinese Xiang Li after luring him into the country. Yesterday in federal court, Li pled guilty to pirating, cracking and selling amounts of software valued at over $100 million, according to Reuters.

Antivirus software, obsolete or still better than nothing?

Abysmal new findings have come out with the recent study conducted by cyber security firm Imperva. Antivirus software has gotten to a point of such infectivity that companies who purchase it are probably wasting their time and money.