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Cybersecurity in the New Administration

2016 has been a year, to say the least. With the loss of legends like David Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman and Mohammad Alli, and of course a tumultuous presidential election leaving much of the nation divided, we’re just about ready to put this year to bed. However, we still have the better half of December…

LinkedIn Fraud: Who Are You Really Connecting With?

LinkedIn is a place where professionals can connect, discover professional opportunities and stay up to date with what’s happening in their field of work. However, not all of LinkedIn’s users are there to take advantage of the website as a resource. Rather, they are there to take advantage of other users. Fake profiles are not…

One month until the ‘Reset the Net’ movement to fight NSA surveillance

Privacy advocates have decided it is time for Internet users to take more serious measures to resist surveillance from National Security Agency and other alleged spy groups. The movement for users and developers to deploy newer and better security and privacy tools was introduced by Fight for the Future and has support from over 30 groups including Reddit, Imgur, Free Press, Libertarian Party and Demand Progress. June 5, the one year anniversary of the first news stories on Edward Snowden’s leaks about NSA surveillance, is the date ‘Reset the Net’ will initiate.

Enterprise security posture extends to vendors as well

Massive security changes are taking place as the security buzz grows, especially in relation to giant corporations and their efforts to keep information protected. Huge public breaches are increasing public awareness about internet security and privacy, and as a result, many firms are implementing tighter enterprise security controls. Facebook and Google have both migrated from 1024-bits to 2048-bit encryption keys, while companies like Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, Myspace and Dropbox already have these in place.

Google Glass spyware could put users' privacy at risk

Google glass is oft criticized for the device’s implications on security and privacy. Its popular feature to allow wearers to take photos and videos has not only raised some eyebrows, it has even gotten the gadget banned from some establishments and one wearer claimed to have been assaulted because of her Glass.

Cisco to give away $300K in ‘Internet of Things’ security contest

Cisco has announced the start of the “Internet of Things Grand Security Challenge” in which programmers can create apps to help solve security issues around web-connected ‘things.’

Participants, including marketer OWASP, back out of RSA conference

Speakers and organizations have begun to back out of next month’s annual RSA security conference amid reports of RSA’s shady new deal with the NSA.

FBI behind Tor malware attack to bust child porn activity

After serious speculation, the FBI finally admitted that it covertly took control of Freedom Hosting in July in order to identify the ultra-anonymous hosting provider’s users.

Facebook to update old methods of crypto to combat NSA spying

Following the turmoil brought on by National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden, there has been a huge emphasis on data privacy and information security. To combat the public’s concerns, insiders say Facebook is working on a security policy that would make it harder for the government to access users’ data.