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All they need is a click!

Clickbait malware sites “You No Longer Need To Be A Member To Shop In Their Stores” (1) “NASA Confirms Earth Will Experience 15 Days of Complete Darkness in November” (2) “First she did this, and then you won’t believe what happened!” If you visit any social media, news sites, or see advertisements online, you will…

NotPetya: the newest Ransomware Threat

Another wave of ransomware has been hitting companies, hospitals, airports, banks, and government systems alike around the world, substantially within the Ukraine, but also affecting computers in France, Denmark, and within the US. Kapersky Labs reported earlier that more than 2000 attacks have been noted thus far. Like other ransomware, NotPetya has locked down computer…

The Race for Security: Zero Day Exploits

Our networked systems, be they computers, databases, phones, or other devices, are an endless battlefield. Zero-day exploits have been buzzing in the news in the wake of the Wikileaks concerns, where a number of such exploits had been posted where any who were interested could learn illegally about how to use them. Many are worried about…

“Virus Shield” tricks thousands of Android users

Hackers’ latest scam on Android users did not even involve any malware or information theft—all it did was simply charge customers $3.99 for a fake antivirus app in the Google Play Store.

Google Glass spyware could put users' privacy at risk

Google glass is oft criticized for the device’s implications on security and privacy. Its popular feature to allow wearers to take photos and videos has not only raised some eyebrows, it has even gotten the gadget banned from some establishments and one wearer claimed to have been assaulted because of her Glass.

Defense against APTs: technology plus education

Malware, hacking, and other techniques are commonly used by cyber criminals in order to steal data from targeted companies.

Phishing, or trying to obtain usernames, passwords, or other sensitive information by impersonating a trustworthy entity, is part of 95 percent of all state-affiliated espionage attacks, according to Verizon’s 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report. The organization reviewed 47,000 reported security incidents from the year 2012.

Advertising Botnet Steals Millions

A computer network generating millions of fake advert viewings has been discovered by British web analytics firm Spider.io. The network nicknamed “Chameleon” is made up of 120,000 home pc’s and costs advertisers around $6m per month. Spider.io reports that Chameleon simulated clicks on adverts on over 200 sites and said the botnet was responsible for up to nine…

LOL Trick Spreads Skype Worm

Skype users should be on their guard against malicious instant messages being sent through the popular VOIP service.

Latest Bank Cyber-Attacks Originated From Hacked Data Centers

September bank attack originated from hacked data center servers not botnets

FTC Wins $163 Million Settlement Against Pop-up Scareware Firm

The FTC announced a $163m settlement against an operation that used ‘scareware’ into tricking consumers into thinking their computers were infected with malware