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Is a Cyber Security Career in Your Future?

The world’s increasingly virtual presence is as exciting as it is worrisome. Companies and governments alike fear cyber attacks, and are in need of skilled professionals who can protect and appropriately react to these attacks. Cyber security is a growing industry and college students around the world are gearing up to hit the ground running….

Tiro Security Founder interviewed by HACKIN9 magazine

One of our Founders Kris Rides talks about his role as CEO aka Chief Everything Officer at Tiro Security. He discusses the challenges running a boutique Information Security company that provides both staffing and professional services.

Demand of security professionals to increase due to Internet of Things

In the next five years, the Internet of Things, the increasing connectivity of everyday devices, will only heighten the demand for security specialists, according to a recent statement by Cisco managers.

Pilfering Verizon Sysadmin Receives Four Years and $2.3m Fine For Kit Theft

A Verizon employee is given four years for defrauding the company out of millions of dollars worth of assets

LOL Trick Spreads Skype Worm

Skype users should be on their guard against malicious instant messages being sent through the popular VOIP service.

Latest Bank Cyber-Attacks Originated From Hacked Data Centers

September bank attack originated from hacked data center servers not botnets

Top Universities Hacked By GhostShell

Hackers have attacked the world’s top one hundred universities as a protest against tuition fees and the falling quality of education

White House Confirms Hack Of Unclassified Computer System

he White House has confirmed it was the target of a hacking attempt but the breach was against an unclassified network.