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The Race for Security: Zero Day Exploits

Our networked systems, be they computers, databases, phones, or other devices, are an endless battlefield. Zero-day exploits have been buzzing in the news in the wake of the Wikileaks concerns, where a number of such exploits had been posted where any who were interested could learn illegally about how to use them. Many are worried about…

Cyber Insurance 2: There’s a New Sheriff in Town

I believe that Cyber Insurance (CI) will be the driving force behind information security over the next three to five years. CI will have the same kind of effect that car insurance has had on car safety and security, or that life insurance has had in changing the types of lifestyles most of us lead….

“Virus Shield” tricks thousands of Android users

Hackers’ latest scam on Android users did not even involve any malware or information theft—all it did was simply charge customers $3.99 for a fake antivirus app in the Google Play Store.

Cisco to give away $300K in ‘Internet of Things’ security contest

Cisco has announced the start of the “Internet of Things Grand Security Challenge” in which programmers can create apps to help solve security issues around web-connected ‘things.’

Apple Hacked – complete overhaul of developer site

Apple admitted to an intruder’s attempt to get access to the personal details of Apples registered developers in an email sent out Sunday, Jul. 21 at 4pm to the Apple developer network.

Def Con wants U.S. feds out in light of Snowden issues

Def Con, the world famous annual hacking convention, has asked the U.S. government to back off this year. In its 21-year-long run, the convention has never requested this, but Edward Snowden’s recent leaks have are said to have made some of the information security community uncomfortable with its attendance.