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NotPetya: the newest Ransomware Threat

Another wave of ransomware has been hitting companies, hospitals, airports, banks, and government systems alike around the world, substantially within the Ukraine, but also affecting computers in France, Denmark, and within the US. Kapersky Labs reported earlier that more than 2000 attacks have been noted thus far. Like other ransomware, NotPetya has locked down computer…

Cyber Insurance 2: There’s a New Sheriff in Town

I believe that Cyber Insurance (CI) will be the driving force behind information security over the next three to five years. CI will have the same kind of effect that car insurance has had on car safety and security, or that life insurance has had in changing the types of lifestyles most of us lead….

Tiro Security Founder interviewed by HACKIN9 magazine

One of our Founders Kris Rides talks about his role as CEO aka Chief Everything Officer at Tiro Security. He discusses the challenges running a boutique Information Security company that provides both staffing and professional services.

Target to pay $20M to MasterCard over hack

One of 2013’s most publicized security breaches was the renowned Target hack. Now two years later, the multibillion dollar giant is reported to pay as much as $20 million to banks issuing MasterCard over costs from the incident.

Tiro Security founder to present at Content Protection Summit

In the last year, and specifically the last couple of weeks, a few high profile events have thrust content protection into the spotlight. Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) and Content Delivery Security Association (CDSA) will produce the fifth annual Content Protection Summit at the W Hotel in Hollywood, California on Dec. 9.

Visitors beware: you can and likely will get hacked at the Sochi Olympics

An addition to the problems surrounding the Sochi Olympics—NBC has discovered that Games’ participants and spectators will most likely get hacked instantly upon arrival to Russia.

Syrian Electronic Army hijacks eBay and PayPal

Famed ‘hacktivist’ group Syrian Electronic Army claims to have hacked eBay and PayPal Saturday. Visitors of the eBay and PayPal UK websites were redirected to defacement pages, but the group said the point of the DNS hack was not to steal users’ information.

Target faces second largest credit card hack in U.S.

Shoppers may be hesitant to head to Target this holiday season, after an estimated 40 million credit and debit card accounts may have been compromised after a data breach occurring between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15, 2013.

League of Legends' user info hacked

Hackers have breached the security of Riot Games, makers of one of the most widely played online games worldwide, League of Legends. The company notified users that their North American servers had been hacked via an email sent Wednesday.