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The Coronavirus Effect

Covid-19 And The Impact On Cybersecurity¬† There is no denying that Coronavirus (Covid19) has heavily impacted both our economy as well as our everyday lives. However, this post is not meant to rehash what has already been said in the news but rather to highlight the additional stress and pressure that this puts on cybersecurity…

Supply Chain Risk

Industry Giants Impacted By Supply Chain Attack It was recently announced that a well known supply chain for heavy hitters in the automotive and aerospace industry had been undermined. Visser Precision, a custom parts maker for major companies such as Tesla, SpaceX, and Boeing, revealed that it had been a victim of a cybersecurity attack…

Ransomware Legislation

The Surprising Truth About Ransomware Laws Imagine there is a person right now with possession of a ransomware malware that is targeting you and your business. Before they get a chance to use it, you discover their scheme and call the authorities. You would think for certain that they would be penalized by the law….

Turkish security researcher claims responsibility for Apple hack

Turkish security researcher Ibrahim Balic now claims he was behind the attack Apple admitted to in a statement to its developer network last Thursday, July 18, saying that sensitive personal information of some 275,000 members may have been compromised.

App Firm Source Of Apple Data Breach

BlueToad, a Florida based firm that creates digital and mobile publications says it is the likely source of a security breach which resulted in the leak of personal data from as many as 12 million Apple iPhone and iPad users.