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Tiro Security 2019: Year in Review

2019 has come to an end and we are now about a week into a new year and new decade. Since all the festivities have finished and most of our clients are back at work focused on 2020, I wanted to take some time to look back at the past year to reflect on the…

Speaking at IANS CISO Roundtable

We are excited to announce that one of our Co-Founders Kris Rides will be speaking at the IANS CISO Round-table event in Downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday 15th May. Kris will be discussing “Overcoming Challenges to Build a High Performing Team” with a select group of CISOs. During this 1:1 interview, IANS CEO Phil Gardner will…

Is a Cyber Security Career in Your Future?

The world’s increasingly virtual presence is as exciting as it is worrisome. Companies and governments alike fear cyber attacks, and are in need of skilled professionals who can protect and appropriately react to these attacks. Cyber security is a growing industry and college students around the world are gearing up to hit the ground running….