Security Assessment & Testing


Security Assessment & Testing

We offer the best security assessments and penetration testing in California combined with the highest technical standards and the most competitive prices on the market.

Penetration Testing

Tiro Security focuses on providing quality penetration testing services at competitive prices. During the penetration testing stage, our experienced and certified U.S.- based consultants are available to keep you up to date with any issues found. Having assisted many companies through their first penetration testing experience, Tiro Security provides comprehensive, understandable reports, and our consultants are available to discuss in depth and remediation advice.

Services include:

  • Penetration testing
  • Internal network penetration tests
  • External network penetration tests
  • Web & mobile application penetration tests
  • Wireless penetration tests

Security Assessement, Auditing & Training

Tiro Security performs security assessments and helps companies create cost-effective information security programs from scratch. After the Home Depot and Target hacks coming in via third party vendors, vendor security has become an essential part of large companies risk management program. If your organization needs a partner to improve your vendors’ security, or you are a vendor whose client has security requirements, Tiro Security can help. We have spent time evaluating low cost products to put together a suite of solutions to help small to medium businesses meet or exceed the security requirements of big clients

Services include:

  • Security assessments
  • Security policy review
  • Social engineering
  • Phishing exercises

Explore opportunities to work with Tiro Security.

  • 1Chief Technical OfficerNon-Profit

    Tiro Security produced a comprehensive penetration test and report highlighting potential vulnerabilities and the risk it proposed as well as an easy explanation of what was needed to fix the issues. We were so pleased we have already asked them to look at some of our other software products.

  • 1Chief Executive OfficerVirtual Production Software Company

    The folks over at Tiro have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Their professionalism is top-notch. Timeliness as it relates to cyber security is a top priority to our company, and Tiro continuously exceeds our expectations. Thanks Kris, Rob and the team over at Tiro!

  • 1VP of Information SecurityInternational Financial Services Company

    Tiro Security has been a valued partner for our organization’s security needs. When I wanted to get penetration tests run on our Internet facing systems, they put together a project, completed the work expeditiously and delivered me a detailed report. When I needed temporary staff, they found me the right resource, right away. They are great partners to work with because they take the time to understand the details of what I’m looking for and then they provide me a customized solution.

  • 1Manager of Information SecurityFinancial Technology Company

    After recently starting at a new company, I found it very challenging to fill in a role of a senior application security engineer. The role was open for almost 6 months, prior to my start. I reached out to Tiro Securtiy and they helped fill this position within 2 months. I highly recommend their recruiting services, especially in this very competitive and niche market.

  • 1Founder and PartnerDigital Branding Company

    We started working with Tiro Security when we were looking for a specialist information security firm who could help us develop our security program. They have been an amazing resource for us, helping develop a security program from scratch, training our developers on secure coding techniques, and providing ongoing penetration testing on all of our projects. Their in-house development knowledge and experience with working with fast-paced, growing businesses has been invaluable and has helped us further distinguish ourselves from our competitors. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

  • 1Senior Security EngineerOne of the worlds leading Digital Content Providers

    Being in the "high demand" field of Security for IT, I get called by recruiters all the time. What made Tiro Security stand out for me, was they really understood my specific field. Because they specialize in security, they really know the industry. I didn't get sent to jobs that had nothing to do with my qualifications as happens so often with other recruiters. Instead within two short months, I got a new and exciting job in my field with a company I love."

  • 1Senior IT AuditorLos Angeles headquarted Banking Institution

    Tiro Security was instrumental in finding my next job at a critical point in my career.  Their connections in the industry helped me get my foot in the door at one of the premiere banking institutions in the U.S.  Coming off active duty in the Air Force, I wanted to hit the ground running on actively pursuing a job. What I thought was going to be a marathon in job search was actually a short sprint working with Tiro Security. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to jump-start their job search with a trustworthy company.

  • 1Security EngineerInternet Services Provider

    I can never stop saying enough good things about Tiro Security. I first learned of them during a local information Security meet up. Their recruiters are true professionals. They have a thorough understanding of the security market which allows them to find the perfect person for the perfect role. This knowledge coupled with their customer service commitment made working with Tiro Security a pleasure. I was always in communication with them which in my experience is rare. Tiro Security found the perfect fit for the next step in my career and I could not thank them enough.

  • 1Chief Operating OfficerMedia and Entertainment Software Provider

    Our clients require an extremely high level of security and having Tiro Security as a partner gives us the confidence we need to live up to these expectations. Kris and Rob put impressive effort into understanding our needs to ensure each penetration test is maximally valuable to us.

    Engaging TiroSec allows us to focus our developers on development and to deliver new features for our platform faster. They show not only an expert understanding of their subject matter but also a firm grasp on the “how” and “why” specific to our platform.  The penetration testing reports provide actionable steps that are well thought-out and easy to implement. I recommend Tiro Security to any company seeking high-quality testing and personalized service.

  • 1Director of AuditFinancial Services Company

    Our institution has been working with Tiro Security for a number of years now. They have been excellent recruitment partners. They work with us to understand our business and cultural needs and have provided us with exceptional information security and IT audit candidates. Recently we had a role that was open for a number of months where we just didn’t seem to find the right candidate. Tiro Security entered the picture and assisted us with our search and found an excellent fit. Their recruiters are professional, dependable and thoughtful. I would recommend them to anyone looking for candidates in this very niche market.

  • 1Senior Application Security EngineerRetail Banking Institution

    When I received a call from Tiro Security about a job I thought it was just another agent who's going to waste my time and offer nothing useful; however it turned out to be very different. They were very nice, helpful and were open to listen and understand what I was looking for and found a company that matched all my requirements.