Global Focus on Supply Chain Security Has Transformational Impacts for SMBs

Recently our vCISO Jenai Marinkovic partnered with infosecurity magazine to talk about the challenges small businesses face when...

The T-Mobile Data Breach

Recently, T-Mobile announced that they had suffered another data breach to end off what was an already disastrous...
Tiro Holiday Post #2

Tiro Security says Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from everyone at Tiro Security! We hope you all have a safe and wonderful break.

CyberSecurity and The FireEye Breach

This past week’s FireEye breach reminds us once again that no one is truly 100% safe from bad...

Bridging The Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Recently, our CEO Kris Rides put out a statement on LinkedIn regarding the cause of the cyber security...

New Venture by Tiro Security Aims to Bridge the Diversity and Skills Gap in Cybersecurity

Los Angeles, CA, November 17, 2020 -- Tiro Security has teamed up with HoneyBee HR to launch The nextCISO...
Shot of two businesswomen shaking hands together during a boardroom meeting at work

Why can’t you fill your Cyber Security job? Perhaps it’s an unrealistic job description…

It’s no secret that having understaffed teams remains an issue for most cyber security companies year after year....

Cybersecurity Job Tips: What would you advise your younger self?

Most people perceive cybersecurity as this daunting field that is difficult to get a foot in the door. ...

Will Working From Home Close the Cyber Security Skills Gap?

Recently I had a chance to talk to our CEO Kris Rides about an article that had caught...