Vendor Security, MFA & Social Engineering - Twitter

August 3, 2020

On July 15th, the social media world was taken by surprise when 130 twitter accounts were compromised. The 30 most high-profile accounts were manipulated into

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The Impact of an Online-Only Education

July 21, 2020

A Struggle For All Parties A few days ago, it was announced that school districts in San Diego and Los Angeles would be going completely

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Women On The Security Frontline

July 1, 2020

We are proud to have our very own Jenai Marinkovic recognized by security magazine. Jenai is featured as one of thirteen other impressive female executives.

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Addressing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

June 26, 2020

The cybersecurity skills gap remains a constant issue year after year. Check out how our CEO Kris Rides and Sandy Silk Director of IT Security Education & Consulting at

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Small Business Security Assessments

June 16, 2020

Recently, our Virtual CISO Jenai Marinkovic had an interview discussing how small businesses address the issue of vendor security assessments. One important note that Jenai

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Resume Help With Tiro Security

June 8, 2020

Recently our CEO Kris Rides was invited to do a webinar with Victor Monga of Virtually Testing Foundation about resume building. It is something that

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