Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM)

Position Description

Reporting directly to the Manager, Corporate Information System Security Manager/Classified Systems Program, functionally manages the process to protect classified information.  Primary function is implementation of all classified security policy, procedures and government security requirements as required by the United States Government.  Outlines classified security policies and procedures and assures staff compliance with all applicable government regulations.  Serves as the subject matter expert for classified systems security questions and problem solving within the classified security team.  Performs the Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM) role.

In addition, performs the following responsibilities:

  • Performs the Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM) responsibilities and role for classified network, TS//SCI, and SAP/SAR activities for the Los Angeles site; performs oversight administration of classified systems activities.
  • Performs computer systems security activities, implementing security controls the company’s systems processing classified information including initial approval, re-approval, decertification and audits with responsibility for the Los Angeles site.
  • Coordinates with the Defense Intelligence Agency and other elements of the U.S. intelligence community on inspections, reviews, investigations, and other reportable issues; coordinates with the Defense Security Service (DSS) and Department of Defense sponsors on inspections, reviews, investigations, and other reportable issues.
  • Responsible for the classified computing protection program at the collateral, TS//SCI, and SAP/SAR levels for the Los Angeles site, as well as the classified computing hardware/software and voice/data communication audits.
  • Supports the FSO as related to classified processing for maintaining secure facility accreditations and joint and co-use agreements with applicable government agencies.
  • Writes, coordinates, and conducts classified systems security education briefings (SAP, SCI and CLAN) and the User Acknowledgment statement as required.
  • Supports the Manager, Security Administration in maintaining detailed records of Security department functions and activities for monthly reports to management with regard to classified systems; conducts classified security investigations as required by the Manager, Security Administration.
  • Other duties and special projects as assigned.


  • Proficient in MS Office Applications.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and judgement.
  • In depth knowledge of the NISPOM, DCID/ICD documents and applicable government security regulations experience in classified security government programs.
  • Established relationships and a positive reputation with industrial and government security counterparts.
  • An understanding of principles and methods used in developing, establishing, and maintaining a local, state and federal government compliant program in classified security.
  • Thorough knowledge of information security systems and the classified networks.

Education Requirements

BA/BS degree preferred but not required.


A minimum of six years’ experience required.  A minimum of nine years preferred.

Security Clearance

An Active Top-Secret Security Clearance is required.

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