Director of Security

About the Position

As a Director of Security, you would be managing global teams with offices in multiple countries. You will build your own security team, manage security challenges, design and implement security solutions.
About the Team

You will collaborate with leads of other department to create a unified team, propose, change, and implement security solutions, lead architecture teams to achieve secure environments.
Job Duties
You will engage in all aspects of assessing, designing, building, and maintaining our security infrastructure and services. You will specifically engage in:

  • Evaluate the overall security posture. Redisng the structure to meet and exceed security goals
  • Lead the organization toward the industry leading security measures
  • Build a team that will ensure highest level of security
  • Provide technical expertise on development, implementation, and updates to security policies and procedures, ensure compliance with relevant standards
  • Maintain and improve processes, tools, and documentation that will support production security requirements in the best manner possible
  • You will also be responsible for running the day to day security functions. This includes:

o   Defining and maintaining good security  throughout the Software Development Lifecycle process

o   Conducting extensive network and application vulnerability scans

o   Running our security monitoring

o   Conducting vulnerability scans, pen testing, and compliance documentation creation

o   Evaluating business associates’ security posture and resolving issues to meet the necessary standards

Basic Qualifications:

  • 7+ years of experience in a hands on security engineering role. Extensive experience in Linux/Unix environment. Experience with Ubuntu/Debian is a plus
  • Extensive hands-on experience of conducting vulnerability assessments, TCP/IP, audit, IDS/IPS, firewalls, and VPNs
  • Experience with cloud environments and how they relate to security
  • Extensive experience with SIEM, HIDS/NIDS/IPS, DLP, incident response, IAM, and IPv4/6
  • Experience with secure firewalls, and DDoS prevention policies

Desired Qualifications:

  • Expertise with security compliance or risk management is a plus
  • CISSP, CEH, CSSLP or equivalent is a plus

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