It’s been a week since DEFCON 28 went virtual live in “safe mode.”  It was a great event to attend and with over 250,000 people registered it was probably one of the largest ever online conferences.  All the talks are available for free on youtube so get to checking them out, there are a lot of great talks from previous years too.

DEFCON is one of the most respected conferences in the cyber security world and I think it’s loved by the attendee’s because it’s not driven by sponsorships like many others and is the cyber security conference for cyber security people and put on by cyber security people. I know our recruiting team volunteered in the career village and met some amazing people there.

Tiro Security are especially proud that our CEO Kris Rides and virtual CISO Jenai Marinkovic were able to speak at DEFCON. Kris’ video “Pwning Your Resume” currently ranks as one of the most viewed talks in the Career Hacking Village channel…. Although Kris says that may be more about his accent than the content.

The Tiro Security team are looking forward to next year’s DEFCON already and given the success of DEFCON’s virtual conference this year, we wouldn’t be too surprised if we see a hybrid between in-person talks and virtual ones in the future.

You can find all 3 Tiro Security talks below, Check them out:

DEF CON Safe Mode Career Hacking Village – Kris Rides – Pwning Your Resume

Jenai Marinkovic – Future Proofing Your Career – DEF CON 28 Career Hacking Village

Drinks With Recruiters – DEF CON 28 Career Hacking Village

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