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Wanna Cry? Updating your systems is crucial!

When hacking exploits had been leaked from the NSA last month, it offered a hacking toolkit to anyone in the world who wished to try to use them. The companies responsible for the effected programs, such as Microsoft, had immediately scrambled to update – or had, in fact, already provided updates – to defend against these…

One month until the ‘Reset the Net’ movement to fight NSA surveillance

Privacy advocates have decided it is time for Internet users to take more serious measures to resist surveillance from National Security Agency and other alleged spy groups. The movement for users and developers to deploy newer and better security and privacy tools was introduced by Fight for the Future and has support from over 30 groups including Reddit, Imgur, Free Press, Libertarian Party and Demand Progress. June 5, the one year anniversary of the first news stories on Edward Snowden’s leaks about NSA surveillance, is the date ‘Reset the Net’ will initiate.

Participants, including marketer OWASP, back out of RSA conference

Speakers and organizations have begun to back out of next month’s annual RSA security conference amid reports of RSA’s shady new deal with the NSA.

Ex-DHS official launches cyber-security nonprofit

Jane Holl Lute, former Department of Homeland Security deputy secretary, will launch a cybersecurity nonprofit organization focused on both conserving open Internet and highlighting best practice for protection again cyberattacks.

Def Con wants U.S. feds out in light of Snowden issues

Def Con, the world famous annual hacking convention, has asked the U.S. government to back off this year. In its 21-year-long run, the convention has never requested this, but Edward Snowden’s recent leaks have are said to have made some of the information security community uncomfortable with its attendance.

Could The NSA Use Our Mobile Devices To Spy On Us

UK newspaper The Guardian recently broke a story that the NSA has been empowered by a secret order issued by the foreign intelligence court directing Verizon Communications, a mobile phone provider with 98.9 million wireless customers to turn over all its call records for a three-month period. The Washington Post closely followed this article suggesting that the…