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Tiro Security 2019: Year in Review

2019 has come to an end and we are now about a week into a new year and new decade. Since all the festivities have finished and most of our clients are back at work focused on 2020, I wanted to take some time to look back at the past year to reflect on the…

SXSW 2018 – Speaking on IoT Security

Tiro Security Co-Founder and Head of Penetration Testing, Rob Pope will be speaking at the world renowned SXSW Conference in Austin, TX on the 14th March 2018. Rob will be infusing some of his British humor into the talk entitled Internet of Scary Things: Botnet in a Box.  For more information please click here. We have posted these before but here…

Speaking today on IoT Security

With the recent launch of Amazon Key the visibility around Smart Homes and IoT Security is an even hotter topic.  Insecure IoT devices are helping to create some of the largest botnet networks we have ever seen.  These networks are being used to spread malware and create a huge platform for distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks which take down…

J.D. to M.D. to Cybersecurity

How Cybersecurity is Joining the Ranks of Top Paying Professions     What do you want to be when you grow up? From a young age people are asked this question. Their answers change as they grow older, though many come to the same conclusion of a doctor or a lawyer. Understandable, as these are…

Recruiters getting spammed!

I know what some of you are thinking, how do you like it now the shoe is on the other foot?  Well I don’t but not only because I don’t like being spammed…. I mean who does?  More because some of the stuff I get is the exact reason why all recruiters get tarred with…

Kickstart your Career in InfoSec with the Peerlyst Guide

Cyber security is one of the fastest growing job markets in the world today, though newcomers can find breaking into the field a difficult feat. Yet, with Forbes reporting a growth of over $90 billion in the next four years, there seems to be no time like the present to make a career switch. Thanks to…

Is a Cyber Security Career in Your Future?

The world’s increasingly virtual presence is as exciting as it is worrisome. Companies and governments alike fear cyber attacks, and are in need of skilled professionals who can protect and appropriately react to these attacks. Cyber security is a growing industry and college students around the world are gearing up to hit the ground running….

Tiro Security Founder interviewed by HACKIN9 magazine

One of our Founders Kris Rides talks about his role as CEO aka Chief Everything Officer at Tiro Security. He discusses the challenges running a boutique Information Security company that provides both staffing and professional services.

JP Morgan security breach affects 76 million homes, 7 million businesses

JP Morgan Chase confirmed that the information from 76 million households and 7 million businesses was compromised after a cyberattack over the summer.

The largest bank in the US first announced the massive attack back in July, but only exposed the scale of the attack Thursday in an 8-K filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Microsoft identifies latest malware offenders, Kuwait and Algeria

Microsoft has filed a civil suit to try to stop the spread of malware it has traced back to two main countries—Kuwait and Algeria. The company hopes this will be the most successful effort made by a non-governmental organization to combat cybercrime by attempting to stop key communication between the hackers and the PCs they are trying to infect.