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Zero-Day alert: Spectre and Meltdown Widespread Hardware Vulnerability

Your computer, your phone, your tablet, your TV server: if it has a computer chip and can be accessed, it is vulnerable to Spectre and Meltdown. These are the names of data security vulnerabilities found in the physical hardware that is used in nearly all computers and handheld devices dating back over 20 years. Companies…

Recruiters getting spammed!

I know what some of you are thinking, how do you like it now the shoe is on the other foot?  Well I don’t but not only because I don’t like being spammed…. I mean who does?  More because some of the stuff I get is the exact reason why all recruiters get tarred with…

Is a Cyber Security Career in Your Future?

The world’s increasingly virtual presence is as exciting as it is worrisome. Companies and governments alike fear cyber attacks, and are in need of skilled professionals who can protect and appropriately react to these attacks. Cyber security is a growing industry and college students around the world are gearing up to hit the ground running….

“Virus Shield” tricks thousands of Android users

Hackers’ latest scam on Android users did not even involve any malware or information theft—all it did was simply charge customers $3.99 for a fake antivirus app in the Google Play Store.

Google Glass spyware could put users' privacy at risk

Google glass is oft criticized for the device’s implications on security and privacy. Its popular feature to allow wearers to take photos and videos has not only raised some eyebrows, it has even gotten the gadget banned from some establishments and one wearer claimed to have been assaulted because of her Glass.

Facebook to update old methods of crypto to combat NSA spying

Following the turmoil brought on by National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden, there has been a huge emphasis on data privacy and information security. To combat the public’s concerns, insiders say Facebook is working on a security policy that would make it harder for the government to access users’ data.

Watchful journalists called ‘hackers’ for discovering security flaws

What happens when a journalist going about his daily job discovers sensitive information sprawled open on the World Wide Web? Ask Isaac Wolf, a reporter for Scripps Howard News Service, who was conducting a standard Google search when he came across thousands of Social Security numbers and other private records in full public display.

Security Incident Caused and Outage

The Irish Google and Yahoo were taken offline on Tuesday this week when attackers managed to change DNS records