How Do You Embed DEI Best Practices in Cybersecurity?

dei best practices

7 Tips to Improve Your Cybersecurity Strategy with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion We know that DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) is crucial in cybersecurity. We also know that the industry is suffering more than most from a lack of DEI in senior roles – and that minority demographics make up a decreasing proportion of the…

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Cybersecurity for Startups: Why Startups Must Prioritize Security


6 Reasons to Include Cybersecurity in Your Startup Business Strategy Let’s talk cybersecurity for startups. You’ve worked hard to create your company. You’ve invested time and money. You’ve hired great people. You’ve taken risks. Not prioritizing security would be your biggest risk – you are putting everything you’ve worked for on the line. As hacking…

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DEI Recruiting Strategy: Why Is It Crucial in Cybersecurity?


A Lack of Diversity in Staff Is Damaging to Your Security Cybersecurity is crucial in a world where hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and determined to steal your data. Yet it’s tough to hire the right people. Demand for professionals in the industry is multiplying, but there is an acute talent shortage to fill positions.…

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NFT Security: What You Need to Know

nft security

6 Cybersecurity Strategies to Protect Your NFT Assets Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be bought, created, and tracked on blockchains. They’re gaining in popularity, and value, too. The most expensive to date is Pak’s Merge open edition, which sold for $91.8 million to almost 29,000 collectors. However, NFT security is a significant concern. Cybercriminals love to…

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Cyber Due Diligence for Investors


In a recent post, we highlighted some pitfalls that can mangle a transaction and expose the acquiring company to additional cyber risk when undertaking targeted acquisitions. For investors, however, the mechanics are somewhat different, and other considerations should be made to ensure cyber risks are correctly identified and formally accounted for. Thoughtful analysis of the…

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5 Blockchain Security Risks Your Business Must Assess For

blockchain security risks

And 5 Questions a Blockchain Risk Assessment Must Answer Blockchain security risks must be mitigated, and those risks are growing daily. Cybercriminals have indeed unlocked the vulnerabilities of what was meant to be the non-hackable technology. The most prominent blockchain hacks have been in the cryptocurrency arena – affecting billions of dollars of assets. With…

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