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Women On The Security Frontline

We are proud to have our very own Jenai Marinkovic recognized by security magazine. Jenai is featured as one of thirteen other impressive female executives. Click here for more information.

Wild West Hacking Fest

Wild West Hacking Fest is a hands on conference in addition to having the brightest speakers in the industry. We hope you join us in the learning experience. Click here for more information.

The Diana Initiative

The Diana Initiative is a conference that focuses on Women, diversity, and inclusion in cybersecurity. Click here to learn more and how to join the event virtually.

Small Business Security Assessments

Recently, our Virtual CISO Jenai Marinkovic had an interview discussing how small businesses address the issue of vendor security assessments. One important note that Jenai made was that since most small businesses do not have the resources of larger companies they should focus on making sure they get the fundamentals down for their security policy….

Tiro Security In The News

Recently, our CEO Kris Rides had an engaging conversation with ITSPmagazine regarding the state of the job market amidst COVID-19. One of the few things that was discussed was the cybersecurity talent gap and its relation to lay offs. However, as noted by Kris in the podcast, the lay offs have not been as great…

SECtember 2020

SECtember is a great opportunity for cyber security professionals to connect through community and education. Attendees include CISOs, government agencies, analysts, and security professionals. We hope you are able to join us. Click here for more information.

Hackers Targeting Hospitals

Why Hospitals Are Being Targets Earlier this week it was revealed that hackers may begin to target hospitals and healthcare organizations more and more amidst the crisis. Bad actors tend to take advantage of chaos and with so many hospitals being particularly vulnerable due to such a large influx of patients due to COVID-19 and…

Hospital Help

Tiro Security want the people in the front line to have fully staffed cyber security teams supporting them. We believe potential fees spent on recruitment agencies should be diverted to the area’s where it’s most needed. If you are a CISO of an understaffed security team at a hospital, urgent care or any front line…