Monthly Archives: January 2018

Content Protection Summit LA 2018

The 2018 Summit is once again the entertainment industry’s official gathering point for content protection/security executives, giving you a great reason to clear your calendar (or come to LA) in early December. For more information and to join Tiro Security register here.

Speaking at SchmooCon

We are excited to announce that Justin Regele one of our amazing Penetration Testers will be speaking at ScmooCon on Saturday 20th  January. Justin’s talk is titled: Better Git Hacking: Extracting “Deleted” Secrets from Git Databases with Grawler Grawler is a command line utility written in Bash and Python that crawls the object trees of a…

Zero-Day alert: Spectre and Meltdown Widespread Hardware Vulnerability

Your computer, your phone, your tablet, your TV server: if it has a computer chip and can be accessed, it is vulnerable to Spectre and Meltdown. These are the names of data security vulnerabilities found in the physical hardware that is used in nearly all computers and handheld devices dating back over 20 years. Companies…