Monthly Archives: February 2013

Social media users at risk from Zendesk breach

Social-networkers beware, user information from three social media giants has been compromised as the result of a Zendesk hack.

Facebook has patched OAuth bug found by researcher

A very serious vulnerability was recently discovered in Facebook’s OAuth system, which would allow hackers to gain full control over any compromised Facebook account and access private user data.

Information Security on national agenda, jobs on rise

As enterprises in every sector are moving more toward the digital age, information security is a hugely expanding industry. Federal, public and private organizations are displaying exponential growth in cyber security departments.

Anonymous leaks banking execs’ info, Federal Reserve calls claim ‘overstated’

The world’s most notorious hacktivist collective, Anonymous, published a data dump targeting 4,000 Wall Street professionals.

Cloud computing on the rise, security must measure up

The tech world is moving to the cloud faster than you can say ‘Software as a Service.’ As the cloud continues to gain momentum, the security surrounding this growing technology parallels its rapid expansion.