Monthly Archives: November 2012

Underground bank robber alliance assists cybercrime

Cyber-crime has a foreboding future, as a new online service allows nefarious criminals to hire coconspirators in several major U.S. cities to help create financial mayhem for banks and their patrons. The perpetrators can wreak havoc on finances by draining bank accounts, pocketing tax returns and stealing purchases based on fraud.

Antivirus software, obsolete or still better than nothing?

Abysmal new findings have come out with the recent study conducted by cyber security firm Imperva. Antivirus software has gotten to a point of such infectivity that companies who purchase it are probably wasting their time and money.

Global cyber warfare rages between Israelis and Hamas

Israel’s conflict with Hamas has recently come to a head as rockets have flared from the Gaza Strip into Israel since Nov. 14. But cyber defense has become just as powerful as the Iron Dome system that Israel has activated to intercept rockets from the Israel’s volatile neighboring land.

Taliban accidentally out entire PR mailing list

It is enough of a shocker that the Taliban even has a PR department. During a routine distribution of a press release, the Islamic fundamentalist group accidentally gave away the contact information of its 400-person mailing list, according to an ABC report Friday.

Fugitive John McAfee is "bonkers" according to Belize Prime Minister

Antivirus guru John McAfee has been a fugitive from Belize police for the last five days. On Nov. 12, officials started an official search in connection to the murder of fellow American expatriate and neighbor, Gregory Viant Faull.

Lawyers make mobile apps – is the information secure?

“There’s an app for that” is true for just about everything these days. Next on the agenda to conquer the digital age are lawyers who aim to further serve clients by creating individualized mobile apps. With the head in the sand attitude that many firms take toward cyber security, it is important for any legal professional planning to implement a mobile app to allow technology and data security to be at the forefront of the program.

Coca-Cola hacked: secret exposed three years later

Coca-Cola learned some disquieting news March 15, 2009. FBI officials alerted executives of the multi-billion dollar corporation that they had been hacked, according to a Bloomberg report.

“Remember, Remember” Nov. 5 Anonymous hacks

Hacker collective Anonymous and other groups commemorated Guy Fawkes Day with alleged international hacks and protests against banks, security firms and governments. Most notably, the group claimed to have published 28,000 Paypal passwords.