Monthly Archives: August 2012

Remote Working And Increasing Security Risks

Increases in remote data availability are allowing more firms to utilize remote workers, increasing their security risks.

Java Zero Day Added To Hacker Toolkit

Reports confirm that a recently discovered Java zero day exploit has been added to security/hacker tool-kits Metasploit and Blackhole Exploit Kit

Hackers Release Peoples Credit Histories

A statement released by Team GhostShell a group affiliated to Hacktivists Anonymous , claimed they have hacked into over 100 websites over the weekend.   They gained access to passwords, documents and some data that even included credit histories.  The hackers claim over 1 Million records have been leaked on the web. Analysis of the attack…

Hotel Lock Company Fixes Security Hole

Hotel lock company Onity has released fixes to security holes found in its keycard locks after a researcher used a device costing about $50 to bypass the locks.