About Tiro Security

Tiro Security is an evolutionary reaction to the solution provider marketplace.

Tiro Security was formed in 2012 with the objective of presenting clients with an original and unique IT Security recruitment partner that has a variety of technical skills.

At Tiro Security, we appreciate that every client has specific technological needs. So the Tiro Security team offers the most comprehensive solutions and makes it cost-effective for all clients.

Meet Kris and Rob, the Tiro Security founders

Kris Rides

Kris is a founding Board Member of the Los Angeles Cloud Security Alliance Chapter and serves as an Advisory Board Member for California State University, Fullerton’s Cyber Security Program as well as for CyberWatch West (CWW).  Kris has been working in recruitment for over 15 years of which more than 95% of that time has been spent recruiting in the tech industry.

Outside of the office, you can usually catch him planning his next vacation; anything from chasing powder on the slopes to finding the next best place to SCUBA dive with sharks!

Rob Pope

Rob has 16+ years experience working in the Information Technology Security industry. He has previously founded two infosec companies that have had clients ranging from high-profile individuals in the media and sports segment to official Defense and Government bodies. Rob’s first company SecureTest, an ethical hacking company, was acquired in 2007.

When Rob isn’t working, he can usually be found learning new security methods, programming languages, or living his virtual life through social media websites, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Tiro Security is dedicated to your infosec staffing requirements