Dedicated to your infosec staffing requirements

Tiro Security is a niché company that is devoted to InfoSec resourcing, with qualified, in-house security professionals that talk tech.

Tiro Security is a company founded by a highly regarded IT security expert, and a seasoned recruitment professional.

This culmination of over thirty years in cutting-edge Information Technology industries allows Tiro Security to offer its customers a unique and knowledgeable view on the InfoSec marketplace.

Tiro Security is an evolutionary response to the growing demands within the InfoSec expanse.

The company was founded to provide clients with a trusted InfoSec staffing partner who can completely manage projects and who has in-house highly trained security professionals.

Demands for Information Security on organizations are ever increasing. Compliance, risk management, and the acceptance of newfound cloud computing are just some of the areas that our clients may wish to have outsourced to our company.

TiroSec was formed to give you a trusted, well-established partner who understands the issues that businesses face. We can help.